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MDP 2.0

… well, that was quite the weekend! 

MDP was invited back to Louie G's to share the stage with Darby Picnic and Limberlost, two big sound bands with insane talent all around — an epic night, with solid people, celebrating great music, family, life, love, and the Greats. 

have I mentioned yet how much i love my band? i am in love with MDP 2.0 — the new rhythm section - Ryan Macnab (bassist) and Frazer Phrase (drummer) - is crushing it! we all crashed at Crash Bang Booom. we blasted off some stellar recordings. we got to know each other better. for me, the entire experience was powerful. 

back in decompression mode, feeling elated, relieved, fulfilled... got more faith in my art than ever. we are doing this for a reason much bigger than ourselves. hoping that once you hear the tracks we are creating - what Dave Smith, Scott Olson and Mike Burt are tirelessly producing for us - you will understand. 

Bobby, Ryan, Frazer, and yes, you too, Billy, Zedd, Kevin, Trish - you have built the foundation. this is our heart, our vision. i am forever grateful for your belief in this music. 

merci bien. thank you. obrigada. どうもありがとう

moving on...